I am glad to let you know that I am going to start as a Statistical Programmer (clinical) at Gilead Sciences, Inc. tomorrow.

I have obtained two job offers recently, one from a pharmaceutical company based in China in the field of computational drug design (my expertise), and the other from Gilead as a statistical Programmer. I decided to accept the position from Gilead since I want to stay in the bay area.

Thanks a lot for your help for the SAS training!

    -  Ping / Statistical Programmer (clinical)

Rose, Alice, Jian.  Thank you very much for all your assistance.  I got a job.  I'm working in Redwood Shores (not Oracle) a small startup named greenroad.  Dr. Gu.  I know you don't work far from here.  Maybe you have time to go to lunch one of these days.

Thanks again.

    -  Albert / SAS Programmer

I just want to let you know that I got the job at Dai Jian's company.  I am totally excited.  I will start this Tue.  I will tell you more next Sat when I come to Gu Hong's class.

     - Miki / SAS Programmer


My SAS class was ended on 8/13 (SAT). I would like to thank you so much for letting me attend this training. This training not only makes me to handle my job more efficiently, but also helps me land more than 5 full-time jobs in this tough job market.

Mr. Gu, our SAS class teacher, is always happy to answer our questions and give us various real projects to think further and understand how to handle different situation in the real business world. I really learn a lot during this training period.

Thank you and ShinShin!

    - Alyssa Chen / Marketing Data Analyst

Here I would like to testify that Shin Shin Computer Training Center provides the most update-to-date technological training that is suitable to land a job in the designated area.

I joined Shin Shin's SAS programming training in August 2008. The material Shin Shin provided during the training is very useful for preparing the Base and Advanced SAS Certificate Exams. Without the lectures and the training materials, I believe it would be much harder for me to get prepared for these certificate tests. These certificates played important role in my job hunting later on. I graduated from Shin Shin in December 2008 and in January 2009 I got the offer from my current company.

I believe with the skill training Shin Shin provides plus hard work one has a better chance to land a job in this tough market.
     - Jian Dai / Sr. SAS Programmer


"I'm so happy to tell you that I got a job as a SAS data analyst recently. I want to say thank you for providing such a great training class. In this class, I did not only learn hands-on skills of SAS programming, but also had opportunities to practice real world case analysis. I think this class was very well organized and the study material was covered in a “just right” pace. The instructor was very knowledgeable, and all the questions from students were answered promptly. I believe it is a really good start for those who are interested in changing their jobs to SAS related field. I would definitely recommend your SAS training class to my friends.
Thank you very much for you great job done. I truly wish you the best to your continuous success in the future."
     - Iren Zhao / SAS Data Analyst


To NOVA training advisor:
"I have a great news to break... I found a FULL TIME JOB!! Back in the payroll. Starting April, 1. 2010
I have to THANK YOU for sending me to the SAS programming training. It helps me to secure the job, which requires SAS programing as a big plus for data analysis. Although I have not finish the training, my previous programming knowledge helps me to extend the skill and knowledge in SAS, which helps me to do well in the interview. The hirer is interested in my experience in networking and capability in programming, especially in SAS. That would help them to data mine, organize and analyze information that they collected. By the way, the title is Technical Marketing Analyst.

As for the training, I continue doing well in the class. So far the class moves into more in dept of using the language to collect, structure and format data. Several special function could help to achieve the goal easily. I intend to continuously do well and complete the course, which definitely in my work. So, you dont have to worry about that part.

Again, thank you very much. I really appreciate your guidance along the hard time. Now I can move forward to a more steady and brighter future."
     Cheong T. Moh / Technical Marketing Analyst


" I got a job offer from Henlix Biopharmaceuticals  (located in Fremont) yesterday, and start from tomorrow ( 4/19/2010).    I am hired as a preclinical trail manager for designing and execute tests for several drug targets that company have developed,  so I will  have the opportunity to use my SAS knowledge I have learned at the ShinShin training center.    Thanks for ShinShin's helping and supporting during the last few months."
     - Kevin Wu / Precinical trail manager


I would like to express my great appreciation for the Oracle Finanical 11i program provided in Shin Shin and instructor Ms. Clair.  I am now back to my new career as Oracle Financial Functional Specialist.

Thank you all for your instruction and advice.

        - Ms. Li / Oracle Financial Functional Specialist


I just want to tell that I got my DBA job couple of month ago. I am really appreciate Shin Shin Training program which helped me to successfully changed my career from finance to Oracle DBA after finished DBA class.
        - Carey Chen / Oracle DBA


I can feel the SAS instructor, Hong Gu, has a lot of working and teaching experience in SAS.  He always kept the class engaged. I was never bored with his wide knowledge, his stories and humor.   I thoroughly enjoyed the SAS class.
      - Ms. Luo / SAS Developer