CRM Series I: Using

What is CRM?
o Boost your business
o Improve your productivity
o Enhance your chance of employment

Who should attend?

Business owners, sales executives, Sales Operations, Marketing, Sales Analyst, CRM Administrator, Operations Manager

Job seekers who are interested in entering sales, sales analyst, marketing, and operations, business analyst and consultant for CRM users

Cloud-based Application Developer, Consultant, and Architect

Why should you attend?

  • -  LearnhowtoleveragecommercialavailableCRMapplicationstoboostyour business performance.

  • -  Improvesalesteamproductivity

  • -  Reducecostofcustomeracquisitionandmarketing

  • -  Improvechanceofemployment

    Course Objectives:

  • Introduction of the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    • -  Boost your business

    • -  Commercial Available applications:, NetSuite, Oracle CRM, and


  • Introduction of CRM –learn how to use CRM to drive sales, track sales, and optimize marketing, as well as provide excellent customer service.

  • Hands-on experience. Learn how to customize CRM to meet your unique business needs and boost your productivities

  • Case study. Learn to use build reports and use real-time analytics to help you and the business leaders to make smarter business decisions and improve sales and transparency

  • Prepare for passing SFDC Admin Certification.

  • -  Introduction of SFDC Admin 201 Certification and requirements

  • -  Preparation for the Tests

  • -  Proctored practice tests

  • -  Review and analyst of test results


    Course Dates:

    40hours (10weeks/10sessions) (please call for details)
    Lectures –20 hours (10 sessions)
    Lab – 10 hours
    Projects –10 hours

    Starting Date: Dec 15, 2012 

    Saturdays: 9:00am to 1:00pm

    About the Instructor:

    Over 10 years of experience working with CRM including design, development, and deployment of CRM systems for a fortune 100 company and CRM user experience with small businesses and non-profit businesses. Moreover, the instructor has rich experience and expertise in marketing, communication, and project management. The instructor has strong business acumen, business Analysis, business process optimization, implementation and training. She will bring to the classroom real life business cases on how CRM system helps to drive sales and improve productivity. She will work with each student to identify real life business cases and help the students to implement at least one business case as the assignment by the completion of the class.

    Discounted rate for Advanced CRM courses such as CRM: Oracle and CRM: NetSuite

    Class Format:

    Instructor-led Lectures Hands on Labs
    Case studies
    Questions and Answers Certification Test preparation

    Course Content

Session 1: Building Customer Relationship that Last Customer Acquisition

Retaining Service Case studies

Session 2: CRM and key benefits

  • -  Key Components of CRM

  • -  Web based CRM

  • -  Introduction of Commercial Available CRM Applications

  • -, Oracle CRM/Sieble, Netsuite
    Session 3: Building Customer Loyalty

  • -  Keep you customer

  • -  Make first time buyers to the repeat customers

  • - - Leads, Contacts, Accounts, users

  • -  Configuration and Lab: users, profile, organization and roles

    Session 4: Building customer centric brand

  • -  Give Customers what they want anyplace and anytime

  • -  Social media

  • -  Open collaborations

  • - Chatter, Tasks, Activities, and document share

    Session 5: Model your business for success: create the right mix of people, process, and technology

    • -  As is business model

    • -  To be business model and requirements

    • - business: process, workflow, sales automation

      Session 6 Know your business and performance

    • -  User interface and customization

    • -  Analytics, reports and dashboard

    • -  Security and data sharing

    • -  Creating reports

      Session 7 Certification and preparation 1

    • -  Introduction of certification program and requirements

    • -  Certification topics and reviews

    • -  Study Guide and CRM User Manual

    • -  Student presentation: candidate business case

      Session 8 Certification and preparation 2

      • -  Certification topics and reviews

      • -  Study Guide and CRM User Manual

      • -  Student Presentation: candidate business requirements

        Session 9 Certification and preparation 3

    • -  Certification topics and reviews

    • -  Study Guide and CRM User Manual

    • -  Student Presentation: business implementation plan

      Session 10 Final Exam:

    • -  Student present the implemented business case

    • -  Peer input and discussion

      - Q&A