iPhone iOS 入门级课程



With growing popularity of iPhone and iPad, this is the best time to get ahead of the curve and learn how to build applications on the iOS platform.  iOS design and development houses face a problem that some feel is coming to a head this year: the desperate need for more developers. Everywhere you look, firms are hiring up iOS developers more eagerly than kids looking for Willy Wonka's golden ticket; demand for skilled developers far outstrips supply.


Course Benefits:

After completing the course work in this class you will

  • have a basic understanding of how to use the tools and APIs in the latest iOS SDK, and how they all fit together to build iOS apps like the pros
  • gain hands-on coding experience and get answers to your questions so you can start creating your own iOS apps with confidence
  • save development time and frustration by focusing exclusively on iOS development for four days with expert guidance.

The professor for this class - Mr. Powen Ko brings his real world experience to this course and uses many actual cases and examples to show you how it is really done.

Who should take this course?

  • New and experience developers in jobless market who wish to start or change career to a fast growing mobile industry as iOS developer
  • Developers in a slow growth industry who seek long term stable jobs in the growing mobile industry
  • Developers in a narrow and vertical field who wish to expand skill set to stay competitive and avoid layoff or position elimination.



  • Experience in basic programming is required
  • No experience in iOS or Objective-C is necessary


About the Instructor Mr. Powen Ko, LoopTek CTO

Focusing on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android mobile phone application development, Mr. Ko won for two consecutive years the Golden Disk Award of the game design competition since 1993, his game was awarded the Best Puzzle Game of the Year on the Game Monopoly 1998.  He and his team have developed nearly a hundred applications in iPhone AppStore and Google Android Market, a variety of which ranked in the Top 10 list, and also many embedded system software applications for IPTV, Android TV, Digital signature and eBook reader.  Mr. Ko is also a professor and lecture at Beijing MIICEIC, Taipei Chinese Culture University and Taipei Institute of Information Industry, promoting Android, iPhone and J2ME smart phone techniques.  Mr. Ko has published five books and over a hundred essays on the topic of computer technology.


Course cost and dates:          $1180;  July 5-7,  9:00AM - 5:00PM


Course details:



Day 1

# iOS market overview

# Setup the development environment

Lab Exercise Hello World program

# Debug  setting

Lab ExerciseDebugging an APP

#. Objective-C

Lab Exercise9x9 table list APP

#.The storyboard & View

#/UI design and the use of

Lab Exercise: my computer APP

#.Paging control


Day 2


Lab Exercise: image processing app

#.Control, multi-touch

Lab Exercise: playing hamster game app

#.Matrix basic commonly used categories -

#.UI Table View form

Lab Exercise: tourism APP

#.Web page

Lab Exercise: my browser app

#.Network functions:

Lab Exercise: weather forecast APP

#.Data processing

Lab Exercise: online real-time Business News

#. back-end Network server side

Lab Exercise: the chat room APP

Day 3

#. Photos, Camera API, Album function


Lab Exercise: my music player app

#.Database (SQLite database)

Lab Exercise: My Notepad APP

#.File Access

Lab Exercise: data  read and write app

# iOS hardware sensor-Part 1(Horizontal vertical detection


Lab Exercise: Shake to decide tonight where to eat app

# iOS hardware sensor-Part 1(GPS location, the Call out, the send the SMS, the send Email, the call Other AP)

 Lab Exercise: Yeah!   I am  here, through the SMS, email APP,

# Map

Lab Exercise: I am a location map app

# Navigation

Lab Exercise: design a car  navigation, APP

Day 4

# Image processing

Lab Exercise:  bar code scanning APP

# Augmented Reality

Lab Exercise:  AR

 # Animation

Lab Exercise: gorgeous animation APP

# Test and Quality test:

#.Test your code on real hardware

Lab Exercise: Testing on your iOS device

# Sell on app Store

Lab Exercise: sell your app on app Store

#.2D game development

Lab Exercise: Street Fighter  game APP

#.2D game game Engine, development

Lab Exercise:  card game  APP

#.Opengl ES-part 1

Lab Exercise: 3D menu APP

#.Opengl ES-part 2

Lab Exercise: Desk globes APP

# Experience sharing

     Comprehensive Exercises

     Experience sharing

     Q & A QA time


     Relevant documents provides

     Related Book