Instructor Team



  • Harvard B.A, University of Chicago M.A, Stanford PhD in Education.
  • Over 6+ years in teaching SAT Critical Reading/Writing, and Literature-related courses.
  • Energetic, Passionate, Fun are her teaching characteristics. SAT Reading/Writing Domination.


  • Oberlin College B.A, Harvard University M.D.
  • Extremely skilled instructor with years of counseling/mentoring youth experiences.
  • Taught at Kaplan, Revolution Prep, Elite, and many other agencies.
  • Quality result-driven techniques with motivating approaches.



  • University of California, Berkeley,  B.S
  • Taught college students physics for 11 years
  • Written test questions for the AAMC and Berkeley Review
  • Goal oriented. Passionate in teaching.


  • PhD in Mathematics from Purdue University. Dedicated math instructor.
  • More than a decade of  teaching experiences in math with all levels (High School to Grad.)
  • Extremely math-oriented: effective in score increasing.