Shin Shin 15 Year Anniversary Celebration!

March Mobile Month!


March special offer for Mobile App training with unbeatable price: iOS (4 days, $998); iPad UI Design (2 Day, $798); Android (2 days, $498)!!!

This March, of 2012, will be Shin Shin’s 15 Year Anniversary! To celebrate this remarkable milestone and to thank you all for the supports that have brought us this far, we are offering 3 of the most demanded and popular courses in the market with incredible prices: the Mobile App Development Series. Thus making this March our Mobile Month!


  • iOS 4 Day Development Training Camp will help you gain a basic understanding of how to use the tools and APIs in the latest iOS SDK, and how they all fit together to build iOS apps professionally. You will also gain practical coding experience and get answers to your questions so you can start creating your own iOS apps with confidence while save development time and frustration by focusing exclusively on iOS development for four days with expert guidance.
  • iPad UI Design Consideration 2 Day Boot Camp is designed for students with the basic working knowledge of the Objective-C as taught and outlined in the iOS 4 Day Development Training. This course is focused on more advanced features and designs: the lessons and lab exercises require students to understand Objective-C and therefore will not go over related fundamental topics. If you are uncertain of whether or not you meet the requirement of this course, feel free to contact us to find out!
  • Android Boot Camp 2 day Training Course is a concrete training for designing and building mobile applications using Android open-source platform. This complete hands-on course encourages students to learn by building increasingly more sophisticated and meaningful mobile applications for Android. After completing the course work in this class you will have a basic understanding of how to create Android apps, create great UI's, issues to watch out for, how to get the App in the Android Marketplace and very importantly how to market your app. 



Mr. Powen Ko, LoopTek CTO Focusing on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android mobile phone application development, Mr. Ko won for two consecutive years in the Golden Disk Award of the game design competition since 1993, his game was awarded the Best Puzzle Game of the Year on the Game Monopoly 1998. He and his team have developed nearly a hundred of applications in iPhone AppStore and Google Android Market, a variety of which ranked in the Top 10 list, and also many embedded system software applications for IPTV, Android TV, Digital signature and eBook reader.  Mr. Ko is also a professor and lecture at Beijing MIICEIC, Taipei Chinese Culture University and Taipei Institute of Information Industry, promoting Android, iPhone and J2ME smart phone techniques.  Mr. Ko has published five books and over a hundred essays on the topic of computer technology.


Course Name

Course Duration

Course Schedule

Course Fee

iOS/Objective-C Beginner Class

4 Days

3/16 - 3/19

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Android Beginner Boot Camp

2 Days

4/7 - 4/8

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


iPad UI Design Consideration Boot Camp

2 Days

4/13 - 4/14

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM



 Note: if register for all 3 courses, the package price will be only $1998!!