Professional Career Advising Workshop


A comprehensive career workshop hosted by experienced silicon valley career consultant: Resume Editing, Network Expanding, Interview Preparing!

November 20th from 2:00PM to 6:00 PM. 

In this workshop, Doug (EDD senior career consultant who has assisted hundreds of professionals in the silicon valley) will train you to become an excellent resume writer, interview expert, and you will walk out of the classroom understanding how to best establish/expand your professional networks. 

Shin Shin Training Center recognizes the need for applicants to not only be proficient in their skills but also to best present him/her to the employers in every aspects. This workshop will provide you an opportunity to learn how to gain ultimate advantages in career persuasions.


Resumes: are usually the only documents that hiring managers will see. What should your resume include that will dazzle its readers and attract their full attention?

Communicate in a concise manner about your direction in this new role and why.

Your past career challenges, solutions, and results that introduce you as a remarkable employee who will be successful in the applied position.

Are you a good fit for the organization and your colleagues?


Networking: is a crucial part in your career development and job searching path. The vast majority secure their career by connective networks instead by of sending out applications. Having a systematic plan for networking will ensure success in your career search. Furthermore, continuous networking will build up future profession successes as you go.


Interviewing is what closes the deal on your new career opportunity. There are three elements that most interviewers are trying to evaluate. Learn more: 

Do you have the skills to succeed in the filed?

What is your motivation?

Are you a good fit for the organization and your colleagues?

Preparing your interview techniques is very important; as it is an extremely straight forward practice and it brings effective results. With the economy staying low, the job market is as competitive as ever: many qualified applicants aiming for the same job are being rejected. It simply indicates that having the necessary skills for the job is no longer the most important qualifying factor!  One must stand out among his/her competitors, and interviewing is a great approach to that aspect: points 2 and 3 (as listed above) are great differentiation that determine your acceptance.


Workshop Syllabus:

1) Free resume critique (please send your resume to us before the workshop and bring a copy with you)

2) How to begin your job search

3) Deep dive on networking

  • Why network?
  • What is networking?
  • How to network?
  • Starting a personal networking plan
  • Exercises -- practice networking

4) Prepare yourself for interviews

  • The strategic interview process
  • Guidelines for interviewing
  • How to answer and ask questions (your background; your goals; your education; your weakness & potential problems and sensitive issues)
  • Exercises -- practice interviewing