Free Consultation

Free SAT Assessment Exam

Through our SAT assessment, students can see their scores being evaluated to a very detailed format covering from sections to question types and contents. We take a considerable amount of professional labor work onto evaluating our students’ scores thus we create the best results in personalizing your score portfolio. That will give the instructor a much clearer understanding of students’ level, strength, weakness, improvement focus, and so on. Shin Shin takes our individualization approach very proudly and seriously: we guarantee the most personalized learning experience and it starts from the very beginning of all stages: assessment exam.


Free College Advising Session

Shin Shin offers a free college advising session for our potential and current students.

In the session, we will go over student’s profile in terms of his/her academic performance, possible majors, interested careers, potential colleges, and modifying practical strategies.Our consultant will bring in practical knowledge for both students and parents so you will better understand the admission process and what it really is about. We will tackle individual focuses/needs of the student and structure a plan in the rough draft version. Through this meeting we can get a better understanding of each other and see if us working together would be a good match.