Our Philosophy


Our Belief:

"To create pathway to success for students through more advanced education". Here at Shin Shin, we don’t just teach, we motivate! We instruct a clear goal along with clear purposes. We help the students to understand just exactly WHAT they are going after and WHY they are doing this for. A simple theory is applied in our philosophy: the more clarified the purpose of a goal is, the easier it becomes for students mentally and the harder they will pursue after it. 


Our Comprehensive Program:

At Shin Shin, we provide a series of steps for your success.

FREE DIAGNOSTIC EXAM: Firstly, we offer a SAT assessment test for our new students. Then, we diagnose student’s performance based of the assessment exam: by subjects and different types of question. This is a crucial step because our experienced instructors can spot students’ strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects. Therefore, they know which part to focus on more with individual students. Life is a race, the smarter/more practical you use your time, the more efficient you will be thus the chance of you becoming successful is higher.

PERSONAL STUDYING ANALYSIS/PLAN: We will then work with the instructors and create your personal SAT training analysis which will include your score evaluations for practice tests and real tests, subjects and types of questions, how well you score for each particular types of questions, area of your weakness and strengths, record your improvements, and estimate your average/expected score range for next time. With this analysis, students will have a clear understanding of his/her own testing level/skills and areas of his/her success/improvements.

EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS: We form a team of excellent instructors specialize their expertise from prestigious universities and all have numerous years of experiences teaching the SAT. With the smaller class size, our instructors are able to pay extra attention to each student and really focus on individual improvements. While other institutes offer the best quantity, at Shin Shin, we provide only the best quality. 

PROFESSIONAL COLLEGE APPLICATION ADVISING: We also offer high quality college application counseling/essay advising. We know there are more to college-applying than just the SAT scores, and application is one of the important factors for admission. Many applicants tend to overlook their applications but Shin Shin is here to remind you its significance. Our professional advisors will provide practical information and helpful tips for our students on perfecting their applications. It is extremely crucial to present yourself well because we have seen students with good scores/grades and outstanding extra-curricular fall short of their desired/expected schools due to below average applications.