Our History


Shin Shin Training Center was established in 1998 specializing in technical training programs in SAS programming/Data Analysis, Oracle database and Oracle applications. These programs have enhanced the livelihoods of the students, giving them more job opportunities, chances for promotions, and the possibility to go beyond what they dreamed or imagined. Through the years, Shin Shin realized the economic climate changes rapidly – and along with it the increased demand on to get, keep and excel in a job.

Shin Shin recognized that having the skills for the job are not enough. What is necessary is a complete system of classes and counseling to help people manage their academic and career cycles and stay ahead of market demands. Recognizing the need, Shin Shin has expanded its offerings to manage the critical points of life: getting into college, excelling at a job, and providing ongoing learning to help you advance and keep the competitive edge. We are dedicated to help you get to the next academic or career opportunity of your life.

Our goal is to never limit anyone of their potentials no matter where they are from, where they live, and what they dream to learn.