IT Consulting

For Companies:

Shin-Shin training center offers IT Consulting services that meet unique business needs as well as competitive pricing. Our services enable companies to easily embark on IT initiatives.
A partnership with Shin-Shin will provide your company with IT experts who have the passion and accountability for getting the job done right the first time, all of the time.
A large talent pool with expertise in
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Business & System Analysis
  • IT Analysis
  • QA Analysis
  • Software Quality
  • Project Management


For Individual Consultants

In this market situation it is important for you as IT profession to get job/project without loosing your carrier importnat. We at Shin-Shin provides IT consulting services along with cutting edge IT training. Our talented staffing experts help you get right match of project for your profile.
  • Best and comparative market rate for your consulting job.
  • Free upgrade training on cutting edge technologies which helps you to border your skills and job market.
  • Option available for full time and project bases options.


Contact us to learn how you can get free training and free staffing services.