English Communication Enhancement Training



English communication is a hurdle that most Chinese working professionals cannot avoid. They face a lot of challenges in working environment and social life. Here are some common problems many of us are facing: lack of topics; small vocabulary; accent; culture barriers or lack of confidence in conversations.


Class Object:

Not to obtain any sort of degrees or certifications; instead our program will build up your communicational skills in all aspect of the language: conversational, business formal, presentational and so forth. It will become an extra value added-on skill for all careers to be able to communicate well with others, thus enhancing one’s career over time and increasing one’s work efficiency. 

Class Format: mini class or 1:1 tutoring

  • Mini-class: 3 students vs. 1 tutor (more cost effective, interactive learning experience)
    • Course length: 5 weeks
    • Class time: 4 hours/week over two classes 


  • 1:1 tutoring: 1 student vs. 1 tutor (more private and tailored course content)
    • Course length: 5-10 weeks
    • Class time: 2 or 4 hours/week

Instructors: our instructors are both experienced and professional. Just to name a few:

  • Derisa, Harvard graduate, University of Chicago Master and Stanford PhD in Education with strong background in literature and communication. She has over 8 years of teaching experiences with wide range of students from high school to business/IT professionals.
  • Marianne, Master at CNYU, has over 10 years teaching experience in the ESL field! She has taught thousands of business elites and professionals in other fields communication enhancement and increased their career opportunities and work efficiency
  • Doug, MBA, EDD senior career counselor; senior business manager for +20 years in the IT field; excel in business writing and presentation; ESL instructor with many Asian students
  • Vicky, UC Beverly graduate, major in Rhetoric; multiple years’ experience in business writing and communication
  • Sally, UCSC graduate, teacher assistant for many college-level classes; taught a large number of ESL students
  • More…


  • Step 1: call us at 877-680-66662 to schedule an one-hour free communication assessment in which you will be evaluated in the following areas: frequency, clarity, grammar, use of phrases, confidence level, pronunciation and etc.
  • Step 2: the consultant will review the assessment results with respective tutors to design a customized study plan and confirm schedule, budget and class format
  • Step 3: 1st meeting with the tutor
  • Mid-point presentation to monitor the progress
  • Final assessment to measure the gratitude of your improvement and discuss next steps