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Now that you have completed your training in the leading edge software tools all you have to do sit back and high paying jobs will come to you, right? Wrong, there is yet another training course that you will need to maximize all the hard work that you have put in at the Shin Shin education center to find that ideal career opportunity.  That course is Maximizing Your Career. There are three parts to it which are resume writing, networking to find job leads, and interviewing.

Most resume writing courses teach you on how to find the job that you have done before not the job that you want. Since a resume is usually the only document that a hiring manager will see as cover letters are rarely looked at in today’s environment what should your resume include generating an interview? 

  • Communicate in a concise manner about your direction in this new role and why.
  • You have to mention your past career challenges, solutions, and results, that mark you as a    remarkable employee who will be successful in this new role.
  • Emphasize your worth by accentuating your high standard of writing English

Networking is a key part of job search as the vast majority of jobs are found by networking not by simply applying online. Networking is the most challenging part of job search especially for most technical job seekers. For example, having a 100% LinkedIn profile on LinkedIn is a requirement to be found by recruiters on LinkedIn is key in today’s social networking world of job search. Face to Face networking is still the most important and how to make contacts in your current and new field is an art in itself.  Having a systematic plan for networking will ensure success in your career search. Even more important, continuous networking will ensure career success even after you found that first job in your new career.

Interviewing is what closes the deal on your new career opportunity. There are three things that most interviewers are trying to evaluate in the interview. Learn More: (expand here)

  • Do you have the skills to succeed in the job?
  • What is your motivation?
  • Are you a good fit for the organization and people already in it

Preparing for the technical part of an interview is what most applicants spend most of their time on as it is the most straight forward and easiest part to do so. In today’s competitive environment  with many skilled people applying for the same job points two and three are a differentiator  in who gets the job and doesn’t.

The Shin Shin center appreciates the need for its graduates to not to merely technically proficient in their new career endeavors but need training in how to do it. This workshop will enable graduates to have an unfair advantage in achieving their career goals.

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